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  There are – if not quite billions and billions – at least a LOT of resources for astronomy-lovers. Also see posts on MARS and ALL ABOUT THE MOON.   ALL ABOUT ASTRONOMY   Lynn Wilson’s What’s Out There? (Grosset & Dunlap, 1993) is a simply presented introduction to stars and planets, illustrated with terrific […]

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Great Bears

  Great bears! Teddy bears, famous bears, bears in the sky, bear stories, bear science, and the peculiar history of Gummi Bears. AND a recipe for Bear Cupcakes. TEDDY BEARS   In Susan Meyers’s Bear in the Air (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2010), Bear bounces out his owner’s stroller and is grabbed by a […]

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Mars: Curiosity to Barsoom

CURIOSITY LANDS ON MARS! August 6, 2012   Kids Discover has a terrific infographic detailing the NASA Curiosity rover’s spectacular “seven minutes of terror” landing in the Gale Crater on Mars.   National Geographic has information, images, and video clips on the 2012 Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Included at the site is a downloadable ebook by […]

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All About the Moon

  Books, videos, hands-on projects, experiments, lesson plans and much more on Earth’s one and only moon – plus moon cookies, moon poems, a moon hoax, and instructions for building a spaceship. BLUE MOONS   In Rebecca Rupp’s Journey to the Blue Moon (Candlewick, 2006), 11-year-old Alex has lost a family heirloom pocket watch – […]

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