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Family Stories and Memoirs

  November is National Family Stories Month – and with the weather getting cold, it’s a perfect time for curling up in front of the woodstove and telling stories. Though, of course, any time of year is good for family stories, and the more the better. See below for some of the many ways in […]

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Letters and Letter Writing

  See below for books about letters and letter writers, a great Graceful Envelope Contest, the Month of Letters Challenge, a (mailable!) plastic pigeon, typing cows, postcard-posting pigs, Emily Dickinson’s envelope poems, and much more. LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS   From the Deseret News, Dear Santa is a wonderful collection of letters to Santa written […]

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Poetry II

  Reading poetry, writing poetry, poems across the curriculum, and poems in the movies…yes, movies… Also see POETRY I. WRITING AND READING POETRY: FICTION   In Leo Lionni’s Frederick (Dragonfly Books, 1972), the title character – an enchanting little field mouse – doesn’t help the other mice lay in food for the winter; instead dreamy […]

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Poetry I

  Poetry makes you smarter. Brain imaging studies show that people reading Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and T.S. Eliot display much more cerebral activity than those reading prose; and all kinds of research indicates that rhyme, rhythm, and imagery boost memory formation and recall. Not that anyone needs an excuse to read poetry. But it’s nice to […]

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Writing: Facts, Fiction, Fantasy, and Beyond

  See below for How-tos, Helps, (and Advice from a Mouse); Ideas and Story Starters; Inspiring Imagination; Discovering Your Voice; Point of View; Going Graphic; Books With Characters Who Write; How Books Are Made; Pop-Ups, Accordions, and Story Books: Create a Book of Your Own; Getting Published; and Poems About Writing. Also see Poetry I, […]

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